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>> Apr 27, 2011

First to hackers - 
  1. Stop being so angry and hateful.
  2. Get a life...   a real one find a pretty gal or guy - marry them fall in love, have kids, buy an old car & restore it, take up art, write a book, something for crying out loud: find a purpose in your life because hacking for the sake of hacking is not a life.  Use your intelligence to help create anti-hacking measures to save us poor mortals from having our personal data stolen from other hackers who haven't learned to get a life.  Use your powers to protect our national secrets from foreign entities.  Use your powers for good, not because you're bored and think it's fun to mess with people's lives.
  3. See #2... seriously get a life, it will help with #1
I've IT departments in my head for about a week now since Sony has pulled the PSN offline.  Yes my boys were upset but they got over it (see they have a life) and went off to the park or 7-11 for slurpies with their friends.  Heck *I* was upset, I just got my PS3 for my scraproom to use as a netflix, dvd, huluplus, and babysitter for Zach & Keagan - my lovely all in one machine :)

Since it was taken offline I've done a few searches for news when it'd be back up, at this point mainly because I'm finding it fascinating.  Across facebook and message boards alike, I've seen an enormous amount of Sony bashing.  Apparently Sony should have known and barring their knowledge of how they'd be hacked they should have had a fix in seconds.  I don't argue that companies have a responsibility to try to gauge how they can be hacked, but hackers are smart, genius levels.  I imagine that the people who work in tech support care about their jobs and want to fix this and want to do it right.  So griping and saying how horrible Sony is gets us where? The same thing I think about Barnes & Noble.  My nookcolor just started reseting itself and yes I posted "what's going on" but then I see message boards about people off to return theirs or griping about the tech support call they made.  

People can't see the future, they take precautions but sometimes things, including hackers, blind side you.  I would rather these companies take time to fix these things correctly and with more precautions if necessary then rush a patch out and have my data still at risk.  Be nice to the tech less they become angry and hateful, and turn to hacking.


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