Giving myself a time-out

>> Dec 23, 2011

There's a lot on my plate right now... I wont get into it it's nothing major by any means just a lot going on in different directions.  I'm in the middle of moods.. I'm too tired to pretend to be Pollyanna and too afraid to say much and sound like Scrooge.  Let's just say I'm in the middle where real life resides.  For that reason, I'm taking a moment to blog.

It is in this time that my husband sometimes just is perfect.  Through all of this he's just being there and letting me vent and venting his own woes with the things going on his life and we are just listening and not really telling each other to let it go or stop overreacting as we sometimes may do.  We're just giving each other the "that sucks".

At one point the other morning, I was feeling bad that I forgot to move our Elf on the Shelf (again) and made a joke "worst mom ever Eli's probably got leg cramps from being in that spot for the 3rd day" and he just said "do you have any idea how many homes don't even have an elf on the shelf?" ... yeah perfectly perfect response.


Celeste March 03, 2014  

go go go! :) can't wait to see all your lovelies this month!

doris sander March 04, 2014  

uh oh! time to start blogging some calvinball, girlie!

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