101 Things in 1001 Days

The Mission:  Complete 101 predetermined tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:  The tasks must be specific and measurable.  Ambiguity is not allowed.  Tasks must be realistic and require action or attention.  

Timeline:  I will begin working on these tasks January 1, 2011 and finish at midnight September 27, 2013

The List:
  1. Buy myself flowers for no reason
  2. No fast food for a month
  3. Go to a butterfly garden or bird sanctuary
  4. Organize all my digital photos
  5. Read all of Jane Austen's books
  6. Write in my blog all the prompts from Reverb in December
  7. Buy a set of nesting dolls
  8. Create calendars for a Christmas present
  9. Go to 5 state/national parks
  10. Organize & Clean out my car and keep it clean for a month
  11. Read 10 Classic Books
  12. Write all I know about my genealogy, try to find picture on the web
  13. Create an art work around 10 rules for students and teachers (corita kent or john cage?)
  14. Get highlights of a non-traditional color
  15. Go on a spontaneous weekend vacation
  16. Go to Disney World or other theme park
  17. Host a 4th of July party
  18. Paint my own pottery
  19. Prepare my own sushi
  20. Watch a Will Farrell marathon with my boys
  21. Buy an android tablet 01/02/11
  22. Eat a great, home cooked Whole Foods steak dinner
  23. Go to a "First Friday", art exhibit, gallery, etc
  24. Organize & utilize my daily planner for a month
  25. Read 10 newly released books
  26. Write and illustrate a children's book
  27. Create an art piece based on a personally inspirational quote
  28. Participate in 30 days of lists
  29. Go on a road trip
  30. Go to book reading, signing, or midnight release party, etc
  31. Honor my mom being gone 15 years on 9/24/2013
  32. Paint a room in the house
  33. Prepare and serve a 7 course meal to my family
  34. Tie a secret to a balloon and let it go
  35. Find and perfect a signature recipe
  36. Be a size 10 or lose 40lbs
  37. Give myself $5 (kept in a jar until the end of the 1001 days) for every item completed, at the end, donate $10 to charity for any uncompleted items on the list
  38. Go to Redwood forest & drive through the tree
  39. Photograph a landscape capturing all 4 seasons from one spot
  40. Have watched a Academy Award Best Picture nominated movie from each year
  41. Write the answers to the "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind"
  42. Create & Send Christmas cards
  43. Track what I eat on Spark People for two weeks
  44. Go on a train ride with my little ones
  45. Go to a local theater performance
  46. Go to the Grand Canyon
  47. Participate in something that will help my photography skills (photo a day, sh!ft.org, etc.)
  48. Read The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran
  49. Write 25 things I like about myself
  50. Go out alone for a day, dinner, movie, shopping, etc
  51. Create a "Week in the Life" album (will be in the family album)
  52. Exercise every day for 90 days
  53. Watch NO television for a week
  54. Go to a restaurant where they cook in front of you
  55. Go to the park with my kids, and only leave when they want to leave
  56. Photograph each of Katrina Kennedy's list of 365 photos to take
  57. Say yes to everything for a day
  58. Write a hand written letter to someone
  59. Buy an original work of art
  60. Collect 101 Postcards
  61. Enjoy one entire day doing just art, and only art
  62. Enjoy the whole house to myself for an entire day
  63. Give my kids $100 for no reason to spend frivolously on whatever they want
  64. Go to a local festival
  65. Go to Mt Charleston to let my kids to play in the snow
  66. Organize all my printed photos
  67. Organize finances & stick to a budget for at least 3 months
  68. Photograph a great self-portrait
  69. Read an autobiography
  70. Have seen all the movies on AFI’s 10 top 10 lists (was AFI's 100 Movies list)
  71. Write in my blog following NaBloPoMo
  72. Write in my blog the 30daysofthanks in November
  73. Beat a video game
  74. Buy a new lens for my camera
  75. Create layouts for each of Lisa Bearnson's 50 moments that matter most
  76. Create something and submit it for publication
  77. Go somewhere overnight without the kids
  78. Go to 10 local restaurants I've never been to
  79. Host a themed party
  80. Make it to bed by 10PM for a week straight
  81. Print my blog from beginning to now and add to my scrapbooks
  82. Read & follow thru with the Happiness Project for a year
  83. Write a list of things that each person in my life has taught me
  84. Write about my experiences with Day Zero on my blog
  85. Create a family cookbook including all my mom’s recipe cards
  86. Finish a 2000 piece jigsaw
  87. Go a weekend staying off the computer
  88. Go to a scrapbook retreat/event
  89. Have a family game night where everyone gets to pick one game
  90. Organize my scrap room & create video of it
  91. Plant a tree
  92. Stop drinking soda for 1 week
  93. Write a list of my 50 most favorite quotes
  94. Don't swear for a day
  95. Finish loading my old archos for my dad
  96. Go on a girls-only trip, like to Ikea or a CA scrap store
  97. Have 12 'date nights' (1/12)
  98. Photograph the whole family or get a professional portrait taken
  99. Organize scrapbook album layouts
  100. Prepare a Super Epic Rainbow Cake or Rainbow Cupcakes
  101. Try 10 new recipes
This project is a Day Zero Project.  For a look at more lists, check out my fellow list mavens:

Disclaimer:  Because life is unpredictable and things don't always work out to plan, I am leaving myself the 'wiggle' room to change these 101 things if needed.  I will make sure it is fully noted why it's being changed and will only do so if absolutely necessary, NOT because it's just too hard to accomplish.  (Let's face it, this will most likely involve items that require funding that I may or may not have)  If things need to be changed a comparable item will replace it (If finances deem that I can't make it to redwood forest, the grand canyon, a theme park, road trip, five state parks, girls trip, scrapbook retreat AND a weekend vacation, then it's replaced with something more local and affordable like an excursion exploring the strip or a local park, etc.)  I refuse to set myself up to fail at this.


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