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>> Apr 26, 2011

List 2 is Things I'm Good At

Well, I'm not great at self-bragging.  Funny enough I sent that same sentence in an email recently...  what is it about talking about ourselves that makes us get weird in the tongue.  Well, as I said before I'm going to come up with 10 items... so here goes:

  • I'm good at cooking and baking.  I'm not a master chef but I often turn out things that people eagerly try & love.
  • I'm good at organizing - maybe not staying organized but that's neither here nor there ;)
  • I'm good at the stuff I do with Masterful Scrapbook Design, seriously I love and am proud of the things that I do there.  
  • I'm a good mom... I may gripe about my kids grade or teen attitude but I love them and they are good hearted kids.
  • I'm a good wife.  My husband can vouch for that.. he better!
  • I'm good at scrapbooking, each day I like my pages more and more and am becoming more settled in my talents
  • I'm good at puzzly type things.. soduko, word searches, logic problems
  • I'm good at grocery shopping, I hate it but I'm good at it.  I can get good deals, find the best prices and make meals out of whatever I get
  • I'm good at reading... unless it's a good book.. then I forsake all other things in my life until the book is done, that's not so good
  • I'm good with microsoft office.  I can make spreadsheets do all kinds of things, I love working with office.
Well this was a learning list again, I had a hard time thinking of things I'm good at.  That's not to say I'm not good at things I'm sure I am just not thinking of them, and not appreciating them.  And I know I could readily list 10 things I'm not good at... human nature is a complex beast.


Amy Kingsford April 26, 2011  

I can most certainly attest to number 3...the things you do at MSD make everything so much easier and just all around better for everyone...including our members!

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