It's my brother's party and I'll cry if I want to...

>> Apr 22, 2011

Today was/is Austin's 16th birthday party.  I realize you'd think I would have a photo of Austin to accompany this story but Keagan, yet again, stole the show.  If you weren't invited to Austin's birthday party, don't take it personally.  No one was, not even myself.  He didn't want a 'big deal' made.  I wasn't even allowed to have a real cake or candles but that's not what this post is about.  I thought I'd do Austin a favor and ask Pop pop to take Zach for the night so then I didn't spend the night telling Zach to leave Austin & his friends alone. (Ok it was just as much a favor for me) When it came time to leave, Zach bolted out the door excited he got to stay with Pop pop again (he's been talking about it for a week, it's only the second time ever).

About 4 seconds after the door closes, I see Keagan and he's in full melt down.  So much so I can't even tell what he's saying but assume it's because he wants to go with Pop pop too.  I was wrong.  I realized what he was saying "Pop pop took my friend".  He didn't care that he wasn't going, he cared he wasn't with Zach.  It's moments like this that I forget all the fighting and at each other's throats, and me yelling to leave each other alone and I remember the thing that matters most - even if they try to deny it or pretend I'm insane...  my boys genuinely love each other and miss each other when they are apart.  They keep tabs on each other, and not in a what's he getting to do that I don't kind of way.  I'm a lucky mom, I do realize that.  (Even when I offered to be Keagan's friend and he said no)

ps. Dad took Keagan on a special shopping trip, just two 'friends' going to Target. (aka Dad's offer of friendship was accepted... I think he realized I set up the Pop pop/Zach situation)


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