#28 Participate in 30 days of lists

>> Mar 29, 2011

I enjoy blogging and I miss it when I don't do it.  I think facebook hurt blogging to some extent I spew random crap on facebook and either feel like people already know because it's there or it just isn't 'big enough' for it's own blog post.  But I came across this blog; through pinterest actually, and thought it seemed like a good way to knock something off my list and blog daily (at least for a month).  The original blog has no rules but I'm going to limit myself to make each list 10 items since some I think I'd try to get away with 2 items, and anothers I'd go on forever to make sure I didn't miss anything.  They are in random order of how they popped in my head and not meant to be particularly profound :)

Without further ado.. day one of 30DaysofLists:

List 1: A few things about yourself

  • I am horrible at self portraits
  • I am a wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter and reluctant pet owner
  • I have more scrapbooks than shoes
  • I used to bite my nails as a kid
  • I love television & movies
  • I love pretending I'm a chef, even if the end result isn't always a masterpiece
  • I used to be deathly afraid of water on my face, to the point I'd shower with a washcloth hanging over the side of the shower door just to periodically dry my face
  • I hate cooked carrots more than any other food
  • I wanted to be a teacher when I was a kid
  • I'm a gadget junkie. I want the newest gadgets, even if I don't need them, would rarely use it and even if I already have something like it.

ps:  (this was finish my list book on my 101 list, but it's all the same thing ... lists)


Kiwi The Kreator June 06, 2011  

Cooked carrots are right up there with brussel sprouts for me!!! I've never even TASTED the sprouts...they just look like they'd choke me to death if I put them to my lips!!! I DO, however enjoy RAW carrots!!! SOO weird!!!

Melanie June 21, 2011  

I have to disagree that for me Facebook and Blogs are both two separate things and cross-fertilize really well. My sisters both live over 1,000 one away from me and have busy lives. Facebook allows me to keep up with their latest activities and photos without them having to tell me every little detail, ditto for close friends. Craft Facebook pages can keep me in touch with their current entries via headings, needing more detail sends me off to their blog. I.cannot possibly read all of the blogs I would like to and still have time.to craft.

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