Orange you glad I didn't say orange?

>> Mar 19, 2011

I so enjoy Bountiful Baskets.  It was freezing cold and super windy this morning going to pick up my basket.  I took both Zach and Keagan who were real troopers waiting in line for their bananas & apples (the only two things they wanted in the basket).  Though they seemed intrigued by the huge box I said had just oranges in it.  I got a few "only oranges???" 

It is a rather large box, but I am splitting it with a friend.  I am planning on a orange juicing session later today if any locals want to come over and test their strength.  The rest?  I'm going to figure out some other culinary arts like how to dry my own herbs, freeze celery and explore a fresh papaya.  

Its going to be a great, relaxing weekend.  I have some scrapping to do, I enjoyed the nice weather we had yesterday with the boys outside.  I got a few great shots too (thank you project life).  Here's a glimpse at some of the rest of basket contents.  I'll try to share photos of the rest of the process (still not getting enough photos for project life).


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