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>> May 6, 2011

Have I ever told you how much I really love Trish Turay?  I don't know her as well as I'd like or half as well as so many others but she is just an amazing person to me.  She's kind and thoughtful, she's honest and open minded.  I just think, well she's the bees knees :)  She runs this amazing kit club called Work In Progress (a title which I happen to love since I always am reminding myself that I'm a work in progress).  Anyway, the other day I saw this post she did:  More than you probably wanted to know about me and I'm taking the invitation to join in, so here is more than you probably wanted to know about me!

Food: I have a love hate relationship with food, I don't understand why all the things I like make all the impact on my hips & thighs that they do, but alas... does it stop me from enjoying Peanut Butter Twix, Buca di Beppo, or Pepsi?  No, and I can't say no to any of those three.

Color: This is the question I have always hated, I don't really have a favorite color.  When I was in school and someone would ask, I would even answer "rainbows".  I am an equal opportunity colorist, I like pink things because in a house of boys pink keeps my toys mine.  The boys rarely borrow my pink pens or pink scissors for school.  I like red in my home decor because I think it draws the eye and adds a strong punch to the neutral palette that runs throughout the house.  I like browns because their warm, rich browns like dark woods and chocolate.  They make our house feel luxurious and homey.  I love blues because I do have boys and blue is calm like our beautiful pool on a hot summer day in Vegas.  I love yellows because they are cheery, especially with white - a reason Daisy's are my favorite flower.  Lately I can't get enough orange, I like using it on my scrap pages and art journaling with orange paints and sprays.  And one mustn't forget green.  I have green containers for storage, green plants both real and fake adorning my yard and home.  I love running my feet in the green grass of our front yard - you tell me how I'm suppose to pick one of these colors over the other?

Animals: A dog.  This will be remarkably shorter than my novel on color, as I do not like dogs.  (yes I'm THAT kind of person... it's not the dog I don't like it's the fact that mom is stuck with the responsibility.. of the dog or making sure who is suppose to take care of the dog IS taking care of the dog..)

Dessert: Yes, please.

Artist: So many favorite artists... hmm.. 
  • music:  Eclectic again, Adelle, Amy Winehouse, Kings of Leon, Mumford & Sons, The Killers, the list goes on...
  • writer: Past: Jane Austen hands down, she wrote Pride & Prejudice my favorite novel  Current:  Debbie Hodge - not just kissing up to her but I was rereading an article she wrote some ago for inspiration and everything she wrote you can just feel the passion she has for getting your story down.  
  • art-artist: Past: Van Gogh & Current: Dina Wakley - both of their work I can stare at for hours just checking out the textures and colors and wishing I could put it all together like they do
  • TV-Movies:  Past: Sean Connery Current: Hugh Jackman - seriously does this need explaining?
Skinny jeans: I'm working on it!

Brand: Target. I'm cheap.  

Perfume: Princess by Vera Wang 

Accessory: It was a betsy johnson necklace but then Keagan got ahold of it... I'll replace it some day.

City: Las Vegas, but half of my heart will always call Detroit home... 

Hobbies: Photography, Scrapbooking, Cooking and Video Games

Beauty Products: Deodorant.. ?  I never really learned to properly apply makeup so I always feel fake in it

Holiday: Thanksgiving - Everyone has the christmas spirit but is gathering to eat & spend time together not to get a gift.  

Snack: Peanut butter twix & a pepsi

Movie: Too hard.  Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter.. I love a well done series.  I also love Bridget Jones Diary (part 1 NOT 2) - I love Chicago, X-men, the new Star Trek, and Dead Poets Society.  I am a plethora of movie tastes.

Guilty Pleasure: Art supplies.  If I don't have money I literally avoid the block that Michael's is on.. I have no will power for a new paint brush, a cool piece of patterned paper or an awesome shade of teal paint.

Seven things you may or may not know about me...

  1. I can't swim, nor do I care that I can't swim.  
  2. I have a tattoo of a treble clef that my mom took me to get when I turned 18 (she got two tattoos that day)
  3. I love hostessing - anything.  I find theme parties and time with friends the most rewarding.
  4. I'm actually very shy and overcome it by being a jabberjaw
  5. I wish getting rid of bad guys was as easy as saying Swiper No Swiping
  6. If I went into Ikea with $1,000; I would still come out wishing I could have gotten one more thing.
  7. My lucky numbers are 7 & 4.
Now it's your turn.


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