Oh scrappy day!

>> Aug 3, 2009

It seems so long since I've scrapbooked! But I'm getting very excited because in two days I'll be leaving for Provo, UT and attending CKU!! I am not ready by a long shot.. but I am excited. I must say I am not sure if I even care if I scrap there I am going to enjoy getting away and being surrounded by adult girls.. (that doesn't sound quite right but you know what I mean)

To-do's to get ready..

Pack my clothes
Choose photos for Tim's class
Make posters for the dorm lyrics
Pack my scrap tool kit for the classes
Pack some snacks

Not too bad.. though I'm sure I'm forgetting a few hundred things....


Celia August 04, 2009  

Hmm I think I need a bit of time to sort through Techie Tuesday!!!!

askings August 04, 2009  

Ooooh sounds fun! Especially the adult girls part...in the context you meant, not the way that it sounded ;)Maybe we could get together for dinner or lunch or something while your down here!?

Celia August 04, 2009  

Did it Tami! Thanks for the lesson.

mollie August 04, 2009  

Tami ... this was a good lesson! I love learning new stuff ... at a relaxed pace. My mind can't take in 50 techie things at once ... 2 or 3 is about all it can learn in one day! Can't wait to see what you come up with next time. :)

Have fun at CKU

Linda August 05, 2009  

Have a great time at CKU......I went to one a few years ago and it was really exciting and fun. I even had my picture taken with Lisa Bearnson.
This was a really much needed lesson for me, I feel so empowered now!!

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