A Letter to Zach..

>> Aug 5, 2009


You are an amazing child who brightens every day. You are funny and smart and loving. You are strong and brave and sensitive. You are an explorer and an adventurer and a defender of the backyard. You are inquisitive and determined and kind. You are a gift.

I forget how fleeting this time in your life is going to be and how in just a short amount of time you will no longer be mommy's boy. I fail to appreciate that the average life span is 26,645 days and you are only 3 years old for 365 of them. In 17 days you will be four years old. You will be one year from starting school. You will be 14 years from going to college. You will be too old, too fast.

I love that you get so engrossed in an episode of Little Bear and wonder how long before the dominate channel is ESPN or mTV. I wonder how long before you want to trade your LeapFrog in for a PSP. I wonder how long before you stop wearing Lightening McQueen underwear.

I cannot believe how big you are and how much you've grown. While I wish I could stop time and spend an eternity discovering ever facet of your mind at this age, I know I cannot. Instead I will take this moment and put it in my pocket for safe keeping.



Sharyn August 16, 2009  

I love the bits about defender of the backyard and the Lightening McQueen underwear! What fun memory triggers those are!!! Fun fun share!

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