Make a List Monday

>> Aug 3, 2009

Today we are to share our grocery lists.. and other insider info on our habits of food collecting..

My grocery trips range from uber organized when I make a menu and prepare a list.. I've even been the coupon girl making sure I have coupons and check sales ad to get the most for the least. Other times it's flying through the store as if I'm in the last round of super market sweep.

Today I'm making a list for.. today. This week is going to be crazy that I may just be grabbing things daily as I'm not sure what will be needed. So in a moment I'll be heading off to return some movies and pick up some meat for dinner..

Here's the list:
Swiss cheese
green onions
Vidalia Onion

I'm making a potato gratin an steak & arugula sandwich.. or attempting to make it at any rate!


Linda August 03, 2009  

That sounds like a cool dinner. My first thing is arugula too, because I just got some nice recipes from Weight Watchers using arugula.

mollie August 03, 2009  

I can remember times when it was "flying through the store as if I'm in the last round of super market sweeps"! Love your description of being in a hurry. :)

Celia August 03, 2009  

I knew we had another name for arugula- we know it sometimes as rocket. I just love how there are so many different word for different products. The problem arises when you can't think of the name for the thing you are looking for. We call cilantro coriander and steak.... steak but there are other things that ake it all very interesting to visit the supermarket.

askings August 03, 2009  

yummy....but Tami your not helping with the whole diet thing by enticing me with steak and argula...shame on you! j/k great list...hope dinner turns out great!

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