Stupid is... as Stupid does...

>> Jul 8, 2009

In my haste to purge and clean my home of all the clutter that weighs me down. I combined all my software CDs into a nice CD holder that takes up about 1/10th of the room that all the cases did. In this process the cases were tossed, meaning I tossed my Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 CD Case, the one that has the security code you need to enter to have the program actually run on your computer. Of course I need to install it on a new computer now and have a worthless disc.

I can't believe I did that, virtually threw away a good portion of $.


TraceyR July 09, 2009  

Do you still have the box somewhere? You might be able to call the company and see if they can help you. Don't you just hate it when stuff like that happens?!!

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