No I do not have guns in my scrapbook stash...

>> May 7, 2009

I asked Zach if he wanted to scrapbook a photo I have of all four boys. My boys are all into guns. Yes that's as lovely as it sounds :huh: The two oldest play paintball, my 11 yr old is a nerf fanatic.. so Zach has picked up the gun tote-ing spirit.. he's a cowboy most days thanks to Pop-pop who does live western action shooting .. other days he's playing paintball tactical style..

So when asked what stickers do you want on the page he excitedly exclaimed "guns!" :blink:

so we'll head out later.. in the 95 degree weather.. with shorts and cowboy boots on.. and a gun belt with two pistols.. to see what we can scrounge up at the scrapbook store ;)


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