Mother May I?

>> May 7, 2009

It's been a crazy fun ride. I'm enjoying seeing everyone's layouts and they are giving me so many ideas I want to do. Isn't that the greatest thing? Having a challenge that you hope inspires someone to share something or do something and then in return their end result inspires me and others to do their "take" on the challenge as well?

Ooh.. and the drive-bys I can not believe the gifts and prizes we have.. right now we are giving away a March Kit from the Scrap Room and we have so many more coming up!

I was reading artful blogger yesterday and realized how neglectful I am of this blog. I am never without words coming out of my mouth but for whatever reason putting them on a blog makes me a little shy.. there are so many great blogs I feel anything I have to share is no where near the caliber others have on their blogs.. but I'm getting over it. I teach my kids to practice things so I will practice and perhaps get better at blogging.. perhaps not but if not then the very least that will happen will be getting people to view cute videos of my budding rockstar ;)


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