Wreck This Journal

>> Mar 10, 2009

Keri Smith is a genius really.. well IMO.. This isn't the type of book that is going to move mountains or change the world by ending poverty or restore world peace.. what it will do.. is make you do unmentionable things to this book and enjoy it. Learn what "To create is to destroy" means. To create art you must destroy what was.. the blank canvas, the unused oil pastel... It seems like a *big* thing to me.. but I'm of a scrapbooker mind.. I buy pretty products and then hate using them because I don't want to ruin them.. this book is an exercise in learning that to fully appreciate an art supply, one must ruin it.. ;)

Ok enough of the self-analysis and psycho-babble.. why am I posting on this.. well for one I am beginning to be a bad blogger.. but for the other I was so exciteda bout this I bought several copies of this journal... (Erin if you are still reading this blog yours is on order and will be to you soon!) I got Austin & Kyle one and myself. I also got our sitter one! So I will post periodically the lovely journey our journals will take :) if anyone else has done this or wants to join in please post and I"ll link to yours as well I'd love to see what others have done/do :)


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