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>> Mar 5, 2009

I started another round of march challenges at Get It Scrapped.. check out the first one here:

Get Challenged

Here's the example I did.. I was going to use the photo as a layout but then the art journaling class I took kind of took over and I started using all the techniques I"m learning there to grunge up and layer and just have a lot of fun getting a lot of ink under my nails!

Here's the page.. it's my 3yr olds shoes.. first shoes he wore out instead of out grew.. *sigh* he's a boy now :(

Now.. about this blog.. I'm seriously starting to think I'm entering my own midlife crisis... I would really like to get a layout and color scheme I love.. and a banner.. a beautiful banner that looks as cool as nearly everyone else's I see.. I couldn't quite do it but am hoping now that I will soon have another cool class under my belt I will be able to use some Mad Digital Skillz to do it..

Mad Digital Skillz is a class by Pattie Knox.. she's amazingly talented.. I'm most eager to learn masking techniques and digital brushes.. some free digital files.. I'm hoping to make a cool frame around the banner that I"m goin to make... and the cool thing is.. when you register you are eligible to win some amazing registration prizes. One being a cool digital tool from Wacom, check out more about it here.


bAbYbEcKy March 06, 2009  

wow, that is one cool 'layout'. I wish I would of took pics of my kids' shoes!

Anonymous,  March 06, 2009  

Very artistic and cool!

Gine March 08, 2009  

WoW...This is soooo cool
LOVE it !!!

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