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>> Aug 4, 2011

Each person has a favorite season.  Some people like winter for the holidays and home cooked goodies, while others love spring for the newness and floral festival mother nature bestows upon us.  Then there are those who love summer, the warmth of the sun on their skin and the slushie umbrella drink in hand.  Me?  I love Fall.

I love the back to school hustle and bustle.  I like the idea that each new school year brings the promise of kids blossoming and me being that mom that's on top of everything.  The one that hands her kids homework in days early, always has all of the supplies on the school list plus a few extra for those 'other moms' who forgot to bring this or that in that day.  (Before you hate that comment realize I fall more often on the list of 'other moms')  I love the idea that if I start at the beginning of fall I can be done with holiday shopping in no time, I can cook several things ahead of the chaos Thanksgiving and Christmas bring... I can be 'together'.

But this doesn't begin to explain why Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year.  I can sum this up with two words... TV Premiers.

I have no problems admitting I am a TV junkie.  I try nearly every show and I'll give most shows 2-3 episodes before I call it quits. Some an entire season if there isn't anything else to distract me.  I love filling up my DVR and having to choose shows because there are so many to watch.  I can't wait until September and everyone in the house has learned to steer clear of the living room TV (deemed my DVR) until the dust settles and I know which shows are "keepers" and which shows will require me to navigate menus to delete them.  This fall after some careful review and hours of reveling trailers; here are the shows I am looking forward to watching this Fall. (a few I'll have to wait til January for...)

How I Met Your  Mother (Neil Patrick Harris - awesome)
The Voice (Blake Sheldon, Adam Levine and Cee Lo fighting over people is funny)
Castle (Started watching because I was a die hard Serenity fan.. stayed because it's just good)
Terra Nova (Sounds different, plus I like Jason O'Mara on Life on Mars)
Smash (Kathryn McPhee & lots of singing.. worked for Glee hope it works for this!)

Last Man Standing (Soley for nostalgia of Home Improvement & I love Hector Elizondo)
Glee (love how Sue C's it)
New Girl (Zoey Deschanel.. she's adorable!)
Biggest Loser (haven't missed a season yet)
Man Up (the opening scene of the trailer cracked me up and if the trailer made me LOL gotta watch)
Apartment 23 (I'm going to give it a go, it looks different and I was a Dawson Creek)

X-Factor (Simon Cowell made American Idol, wmiss the snark)
Modern Family (best show on tv)
America's Next Top Model (guilty pleasure)
I Hate My Teenage Daughter (Not sure but I like some of the stars in it)

The Big Bang Theory (best show on tv and yes I said that but they're tied)
Grey's Anatomy (been watching since the beginning)
The Finder (by the creator of Bones must try)
How to Be a Gentleman (Rickety Cricket & Johnny Drama)
Bones (love this show and the cliff hanger! yikes)
Prime Suspect (I think I'll try this if any of the others don't work but obviously thursdays are full)
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Fat Mac??)

Fringe (Joshua Jackson doesn't exist???)
Grimm (it's fantasy, I love fantasy)
Chuck (just cute fun tv)
A Gifted Man (Jennifer Ehle and I love the whole Eli Stone feel it has)

Amazing Race (It's always interesting what people do on reality TV)
Desperate Housewives (Lynnette & Tom? Say it isn't so!!)
Once Upon a Time (fantasy and fairy tales!)
Walking Dead (I really enjoyed season 1, very odd considering I hate scary)

Thank goodness I'm the queen of multitasking!


Cindy August 05, 2011  

lol, OMG, i was just thinking how you are able to watch all those shows. i would not be able to get anything done. case in point, it's probably a good thing we don't have dvr nor tvo b/c i wouldn't have time watching them. when i have certain shows that i watch, i absolutely can not multi-task, except during commercial ;) hahahaha i can't wait to watch some of these shows this fall...yah for TV junkies :)

Tami August 05, 2011  

Yeah I multitask but also suffer from insomnia so I'm not always current on shows and this is just the beginning usually about 1/2 of these drop off because they stink after a few episodes LOL

I love that you're a fellow TV junkie and if I'm still working on Spartacus because of you! LOL

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