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>> Aug 4, 2011

Sorry but so much to do today but don't want to get too behind on this Smash-a-day posting!  Here are my first two pages...

This is me grabbing things off my art counter.  The journaling is about how I bought a pack of Art Blast playing cards to use on art journaling pages but can't bring myself to use them because I think they are so wonderful as is. That is actually the label off the box that sits on my counter.

my goal is to fill that bottom corner with movie stubs, I only need about 10 more shows... I had a stamp not turn out so the first thought was to cover it and then there were movie tickets in front of me... Since I can't afford that many movies any time soon, I wrote all the movies I've loved or watched a hundred times on the pages.. 

and now I"m going to dash off to a fun filled day of swimming and laundry... oh fun!


Dina August 04, 2011  

Woot, love 'em!

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