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>> Aug 9, 2011

It's just one of those things when I accomplish goals I get excited to share my accomplishments.

This is Canvas #3 I couldn't stop working on it.  I started by layering some background papers that were scraps on my desk from a video I did in May at Masterful Scrapbook Design.  It's the last of a paper line from basic Grey called Sugared.  I then painted over it and accidently chose a red that was far too magenta... then I washed it with a parchment color then sprayed inks of three different shades of green on it and let them kind of run into each other.. rolled the excess off.  I then had all these hearts from confined collages I made with scraps of this line and cut seven hearts.

I tried to be profound and place them in a meaningful way on the canvas.  Did I mention it's my eighth anniversary today?  Having a lot of lovey thoughts on this family we've built.  You see there are seven of us in our family, thus seven hearts.  The two on the right represent Amanda & Austin, they are behind the big heart, that represents Tony.  The far right represents Kyle which is behind the second biggest heart, that represents me.  The two in the middle of Tony & Me represent Zach & Keagan they are in front of us because they came after we met.  It symbolizes our blended family , what we brought to this union and what we created from it; how we all are connected.


Kiwi The Kreator August 10, 2011  

Awww...there's that SENSITIVE SIDE!!!! I love this sooo soo much!

Marika Lemay d√©monstratrice Stampin'Up! August 11, 2011  

Oh WOW!!! This is fabulous! I would buy this!!!

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