Canvas #2 (the i'm semi-cheating canvas)

>> Aug 9, 2011

Out of the Journal challenge, again the details can be found on Dina's blog or Journal Girl's

This is my cheater canvas.  It was half done but I took this as an opportunity to finish it.  This summer my niece came to visit and I was sharing this method of SheART I learned from Christy Thomlinson - great workshop.  Anyway, so my niece (Hi Erin!) chose the patterns, cut the pieces and glued them down.  She also did the blue sky, green grass.  I just took a lot of pleasure in doing the finishing touches with embossing the sun, adding some dimensional elements, some stamping, inking and doodling, etc. So yes I feel I did enough detail work to consider this one of my out of the journal canvases.  It got me caught up and so inspired because I embossed (something i rarely do despite owning over a dozen bottles of embossing powders!) that i quickly set to applying gesso to my two canvases this week and already have the backgrounds on both! I love how the more you do, the more you want to do. 


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