Canvas #4

>> Aug 11, 2011

I really wanted to get this one done early as I'm going to a crop Saturday.. first time in forever and I'm already fretting on what to take.  I think I may only take my smash book and have fun with that.. but not sure I can smash for 12 hours... especially since I'm quickly learning I don't hold on to enough receipts and ephemera to actually smash my day... any-who..

Here's canvas #4 it none of the canvases have come together quite as easily as the Hearts one did but this was probably the second fastest.  I loved the background I was getting with the greens and then the diamonds were cool.  (Funny that Dina used diamonds too I hadn't seen hers until after this one was done.. gotta love crafters workshop stencils!)  Then I again am really trying to use what's on my counter, so those flowers were beige, white and black, I just painted them with pink & red paint.. threw the tag in the leftover paint.. then went to find words.  Since there weren't any on the counter I rifled through my drawer and found that playing card.. how perfect it matched so I slapped it down.  I think it's Fancy Pants Designs but don't quote me I'm horrible at keeping track of manufacturers.

I will say that I'm enjoying this challenge immensely.  I will also say there are a few canvases that will probably be seeing the better end of a gesso brush when it's over... does that make me stop? No, I love the trying and experimentation!


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