Help I've fallen and I can't come up with a title

>> Aug 14, 2011

It started yesterday at the Sweet Retreat Crop... I got a dose of title-block; not quite writer's block, as I can still journal without issue.  I can not however think of titles.  I blame the cupcakes, I mean seriously look at that thing, it's heaven in a Sassafras wrapper.

The crop was amazing, aside from convincing a friend to take a day off of life with me I met many more lovely people.  Three of which were another mother with her daughter & granddaughter it was amazing to just connect with people and chat.  It may or may not have had a lot to do a lot with their love of all things TV.... (we later won our round of Movie trivia.. we rock).

I packed smart, smarter than I've ever packed to be honest.  I grabbed my smash book, a kreatorville kit and basically all that was laying on my art table.  It was one small wheeling suitcase and a cooler for snacks.  Angie and I were assigned to the "fluffy" table.  Which was suppose to be the cotton candy table, but since the name brand was Fluffy and I'm currently battling weight issues, Gabriel Iglesias was in my head the rest of the night.

My first order of business, I opened my smash book and set it in the corner.  As the day went on I smashed things from the crop in it.  The bingo we played, the cupcake wrapper, a ticket for the door prizes, etc.  It was a BLAST just putting things in there as the day went passed.  I want to add a few finishing touches to the pages today and I'll share my smash book progress tomorrow.  (I am keeping up Kelly, Dina, Heather & Amy!)

Here's the layout I entered in the Sassafrass competition.  I didn't win but it's still one of my favorite layouts, probably because my kids is so damn cute... :)

I had a bunch of backgrounds ready that I sprayed and inked the night before, (a couple are crazy because I couldn't stop myself).  At any rate, here's the ginormous amount of layouts I got done at a 12 hour crop...

Sorry I can only show a glimpse of this layout for now, it's going to be used in the next Masterful Scrapbook Design seminar (yay!) I'll share it later. This shot was actually mid-layout I doodled and traced a bit, was a ton of fun and I loved how it turned out.

This one I loved how it turned out except the spray ink on the left.  It is a little crazy but believe it or not, it was the less crazy side, the blue strip covers some WILD spray inking.  It was fun for sure.  I also used the cupcake wrapper at the top, I loved incorporating that into my work!

This was when I realized I'm having title issues.  The intent was to do a full Karen Grunberg style title at the top so the whole middle was a column of text and photos and goodies.  I'm not sure I'm done with this layout it's a great start and I'll share if I actually add more to finish my idea but for now it's decent.  I don't love or hate any of these layouts but I loved doing them and had fun being out... now the pièce de résistance

my personal favorite...
Vages... wtfrank??  This is one of those I had it half way down (and spelled correctly I swear) before I realized the S wouldn't fit so I lifted the letters up and shuffle them to the left, and apparently shuffled them around.

Now a true friend would have your back, they'd know you've had too many cupcakes to spell big words at this point.  They'd at least point out the spelling error right?  So I blame Angie entirely.. though truth be told she may have had too many cupcakes by this point as well...  This will be fun to fix since those stickers are NOT coming up.... grrrr.

Until next time, may the scrap be with you!


Monique Leslie The Misfit Crafter August 14, 2011  

Oh those look great. The titles are perfect.

Heather T. August 14, 2011  

That's when ctrl+z comes in really handy. *grins* Great backgrounds!

scrapweaver August 15, 2011  

OK LOVE the vages one and the is SOOOOOOOO a mistake I would make. I still have a zoo page with he z facing the wrong way from several years ago. So on the other title "jump" just add all the other park words and stack them like the original intent. "run, jump, swing, play, laugh, fly, spin, hang, slide" you get the idea. I so love all of these Tami! I am excited to see the smash as well!

Tami August 15, 2011  

Monique thanks :)
Heather :P LOL
Michelle that's brilliant will post when I finish it!

Kiwi The Kreator August 22, 2011  

Try some UNDU...I promise the stickers will not only come'll be able to reposition them AND you'll love me forEVA...WIN WIN...WINNING!!!!!!

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