The Great John Blevins?

>> Aug 16, 2011

As promised a post titled The Great John Blevins?... (that's a direct quote with the ? included, go back and look at your facebook comment Mr. you added the ? not me).  Before you stop reading, because you're thinking you don't know John Blevins, why do you care about a blog post about him - let me assure you this is about me, just somewhere towards the end.

Ever have that kid in high school that is there but he's like.. a character actor.  You know the face, maybe can't always remember the name but they steal every scene they are in?  That's John Blevins.  He was our groups comic relief.  He was my brother's friend and I was the tag-along sister.  I was invited on group events if there was an odd number, sometimes if I gave my brother gas money.. sometimes just because I think my brother actually liked hanging out with me but I know he would never have admitted that last one in high school.  One of my favorites was a summer we all went to Cedar Point, I honestly don't remember who was entirely included but quite a few of us.  John Blevins was one.  I think we laughed the entire time, he seemed to have one witty thing after another to say but my absolute favorite was about the Thunder Canyon Raft.  We were walking along towards the next ride and here come two guys (we assume park workers) rolling one of those rafts on it's side.  John gets a shocked look on his face, and shouts "Hey that was mine!! You're stealing my raft!" and literally takes off running after them.  It took us a bit to catch up with him, mainly because we were all cracking up at the fact he committed to the joke enough to literally chase them, and that everyone in the crowd was looking unsure whether he was joking or not.

But that was John Blevins, he committed to the joke and it made it all the funnier.  Over the years I've seen him, mainly at functions at my brother's house, birthday parties, labor day bbq's and an occasional football game.  Now nearing 20 years after high school, we are facebook friends.  I've seen him go from the goofy friend, to the adoring husband, a military enlistee, to freshman in college and now he's interviewing for a job in law enforcement.  Amazing how people do surprise you.  I can't say what I thought John would grow up to be, as I never gave it much thought at that time but I can say I doubt I would have said a police officer.

So when does this post become about me?  Right... about... now.  There are two reasons John remains on my facebook newsfeed.  One is the memories and chuckles he provides, the other is he goes to the gym but isn't a maniac about it.  He'll post about Bacon and the next day say he's going to the gym.  Yes at times it may seem counter productive but life is about balance right?

As this month is drawing to an end I find that I must find a better balance, so upon hitting "publish" with this post I am off to a yoga class (if I make it in time, if not I just hope I don't wind up with body combat again).  I dusted off my incentive item, a pair of awesome jeans from Lucky Brand, and a Ed Hardy belt my husband purchased for me the Christmas after Keagan was born.  It was bought off ebay and the auction stated the wrong size so I kept it as a 'goal' item.. please ignore the fact Keagan will be 4 in October.  I will state that on September 1st I will try these items on and post a photo regardless of how far up my legs I can get them.  (The photo will remain PG of course).  Wish me luck!!


scrapweaver August 16, 2011  

You know i am rooting for you!

Neala,  August 17, 2011  

What a great post!

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