#55 Go to the park with my kids, and only leave when they want to leave

>> Jan 22, 2011

Well, I tried.  I'll try again but man oh man my kids have stamina.  It was 6pm when I told them we had to go, which means it was pitch black and very cold.  With little ice cold fingers they still said no to any questions if they were ready to go.

It was a nice to be out though.


Celia January 22, 2011  

Wow! You are brave and well done on doing such a great thing for those boys.

Bugs January 22, 2011  

I can only guess how many pictures were taken. :)

Tami January 22, 2011  

Cindy, you'd be ashamed I didn't take my camera that's the only one from my phone I have.

Celia, thanks :) I often wish I did more of these things for them, I'm trying at least!

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