#40 Have watched a Academy Award Best Picture nominated movie from each year

>> Jan 11, 2011

Watched another oldie.. chatting with Terri all the while :) This is what my screen looks like during the movies.  I'm insisting the next is a little perkier, like a musical!  This wasn't bad, I think I read it in high school but not entirely positive... at first I didn't know anything about it then into it it started feeling vaguely familiar.

Now I'm another movie down on my list, yay!


Celia January 13, 2011  

I hadn't thought of watching them online! Silly me. I am getting myself organized for a similar challenge but it doesn't start for a month or so- I'll let you know what it is and what I am doing.
Thanks for visiting my blog- love catching up with what you are doing and how things are going.

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