101 Things: #21 Buy an android tablet

>> Jan 2, 2011

I'm marking this complete.  It's a nook and runs on android.  I can root it to be an android tablet after the warranty is up if I want (technically I could do it now but I would rather wait out the warranty).  In the next month, B&N is suppose to release some apps to customize it and the main purpose in getting an android tablet was to:
  1. read books on it
  2. surf the web in bed
  3. connect to facebook and/or twitter
  4. download my classes from Get It Scrapped & Masterful Scrapbook Design, etc. to take with me 
Now I can also load videos on it, how awesome is that? I'm very happy with my decision and I have it now!  The android tablet I wanted is so scarce that it would have been months of waiting to get it.  The added benefit of getting it now is that I have it for all the books I need to read on my 101 things list! I already downloaded all of Jane Austen's works for $0.99.  Heck ya! 


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