101 Things in 1001 Days beginning on 01/01/11

>> Jan 1, 2011

So mom's making a list again...
Let me tell you ONE thing... that's a lot of ones!

My new project is the Day Zero Project.  Here's the gist:

The Mission:  Complete 101 predetermined tasks in a period of 1001 days.
The Criteria:  The tasks must be specific and measurable.  Ambiguity is not allowed.  Tasks must be realistic and require action or attention.
Timeline:  I will begin working on these tasks January 1, 2011 and finish at midnight September 27, 2013
It's not all serious things, but some fun things like doing jigsaw puzzles and buying myself flowers.  If you want to take a list you can click here or click the "101 things" under the blog header.  You'll find my list, dates I've completed things and links to a few friend's list.  I am eager to begin this new list.  


Jenny Stamos January 01, 2011  

My blog made it onto your list! Thank you! (Just thought there must be another Jenny.) ;)
So far I've recovered/re-written 53/100 items--still hoping the official site will make it back up. I was also planning to start today, so perhaps I should! I've written my first blog post of 2011, which fulfills a tiny part of one number on my list--to do the Ultimate Blog Challenge in January (requires writing every single day--eek!)
Are you willing to scare how I can get one of those cute little countdown widgets?
I'm waiting to see if my list can be recovered, but I can at least get started with what I have in progress.

Tami January 01, 2011  

i'll have to check out the ultimate blog challenge, the countdown timer is at mycountdown.org if you click the timer it'll take you to the site... very excited to start this project!

World Wake Up Call January 08, 2011  

I came across this somewhere, so I read your complete list of DayZero goals, and I must say it was pretty awesome! I loved how it really involved really funn and random things. And it's cool you've started on 01/01/11! I started back in October.

Also, we've made a blogpost trying to inspire as many as people as possible to participate (one of our goals was to write this ;). Perhaps you want to leave a comment of what you thought your best or most interesting goal was?

Would be awesome :)
- Griffith.

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