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>> Dec 10, 2010

"As for me, all I know is that I know nothing."  It was Socrates.  I do pride myself in knowing I don't know, well much of anything.  I love learning and I don't mind admitting I don't know things.  That doesn't mean I enjoy being made to feel stupid, but I would rather hear the explanation of why you feel the way you feel about something than have someone just exclaim "because".  So why am I talking about wise men and trying to make myself seem so smart?  Because of reverb of course!  Today's prompt:

Author: Susannah Conway

Prompt: Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?

My friend Celia (yes I peeked at your blog before writing my own prompt) suggested it was a large assumption that one made a wise decision in the year, let alone more than one to claim that there is a wisest of them.  I have to agree.  I made many decisions, some I stuck to, some I didn't.  I was proven right on some and the jury remains out on a few others.  I would have to say the decision that immediately comes to mind, is the decision to throw financial caution to the wind and enroll Zachary into full day kindergarten.  It was a big financial decision, as there is tuition involved.  However, a week into school and I would sell my ovaries to make sure he stays in it.  He has blossomed so much in the few months he's been in school.  He is already becoming quite a reader, knows so much, and his teacher.. oh his teacher is a unique individual.  She's Mary Poppins, honestly.  She busts out into song at the drop of a hat, she is a load of fun and Zachary loves her.  She has a theater minor so you can imagine how entertaining her class is.  She is also one of those people who doesn't care how she looks or acts when it comes to getting the kids involved.  So if dressing up like a fairy princess and singing about scary vampires makes a halloween party, that's what she does.  She really is amazing and I know that my investment will pay off and some day when Zach's asked what's the wisest decision he made in a year he'll have to think because he's made so many.


Terry December 16, 2010  

love the photo! Great Bokeh!!

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