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>> Dec 11, 2010

I love lists.. so this prompt is a welcomed change of pace:
December 11 – 11 Things What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life? (Author: Sam Davidson)
1.  Junk Mail - I need to delete as I scroll through my inbox, toss as soon as I walk in the door from getting the mail and be more aware of what I'm doing to contribute to additional email & junk mail lists.  It is adds to my to-do when I don't take care of these things right away.. I wind up with over abundant inboxes and piles of clutter I have to go through later.

2.  Idle Hands - I spend a lot of time just hitting the refresh button on the computer because I want to be entertained.  If I'm going to be in front of the computer find sites that post often or lead to learning.  Like wikipedia.  While I'm aware the information there is only as good as the person who entered it, it is entertaining to read about one topic and click the links in the material to learn about more topics.  At least there is a positive outcome to what I'm doing rather than seeing facebook reload 300x a day.

3.  Late nights - I go to bed far too late for the time I wake up.  Insomnia and lack of sleep in general are leading causes of obesity.  I would like to be in bed by 10 most days.  I have a DVR I can use it.

4.  Morning Mayhem - The crazy way I get Zach off to school is not instilling good habits in him.  Instead of "we need to go now!" and then getting there just on time, I would like to create a better routine so he knows what to expect each morning and it isn't starting his school day off with anxiety.

5.  Toys - Ok so everyone needs toys but not as many as we have.  I would like to have less toys around the house to promote imaginative play and frankly the less toys the less mess.  It is too much of a fight and my kids do not need 300 hot wheels.

6.  Insecurities - A hard one I'll admit but my insecurities as a parent are something I just don't need.  I doubt I'll ever get rid of them but I will try harder to look at the big picture of how my kids act & behave and realize I'm doing a pretty good job, I have amazing kids.

7.  Being a Hermit - I am not a complete hermit but I think I need to get out more, get to other people's houses, spend more time getting to know Vegas and all it has to offer.. maybe take off to a scrappy retreat or make a day trip to where ever I want to go.. spending a day being the Alpha Mom..

8.  Trying to Care Enough for Others - This will be hard and I'm not sure my game plan to accomplish it, but i can't care enough about certain things for other people.  I have to learn to let go, if they don't care why should I try to overcompensate for that?

9.  Being a Planner - I guess it kind of falls under the idea of the hermit but this isn't just about getting up and *doing* but also I plan to get this one day or that another day.  I need to get a better grip on the things I want and take active steps towards getting those things.

10.  Fast Food - Seriously, this is a big thing for me.  I'm going to plan menus for 2 wks at a time, do more once a month type cooking (it'd be 2x a month since it'd be every 2 wks) and try to stop eating fast food.  It's not healthy, it's expensive and frankly makes me feel like crap every time.

11.  Talking - I make lists like this and don't stick with it, I'm not consistent.  I have the ideas I know what I'm suppose to do as a person, as a mother to make myself happier but in the end I tend to fall off track, give up or just flat out quit.  So a lot less talking about the woulda shoulda couldas and a lot more I did, doing and have dones :)


Celia December 17, 2010  

Hey Tami I think you've done a great job of this one. I really enjoyed doing mine- hope you enjoyed it too. As to the going to retreats maybe we can find one to meet up at- one you don't need to organize!

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