>> Dec 3, 2010

So today I was thrown off balance by a challenge at reverb.  Ali Edwards was the author.  I was thinking she'd be easy and she's a scrapper so I'd whip through her prompt and voila amaze all of the tweeters in cyberspace.  Then I read the prompt:

Author: Ali Edwards
Memory Keeping Idea Books

Prompt: Moment. Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors).
What?!?  That's my thought.  I wish I had some epiphany this year, some one moment that defined my human existence and made me shout "I am here, I am here" until Horton hears me.  But the truth is, it didn't happen, or at least not of enough significance that I recall it now at the end of the year.  As a stay at home mom it is more difficult to lose yourself in your job than any other profession.  (I'm sure that's a proven statistic somewhere) You spend your life being mom, wife, PTA, taxi, whatever you sign on for, you are that hat.  No one appreciates you on a daily basis, no one says "job well done", no one tells me how great I am at this or that.  I get asked to run to walmart for a binder at 10pm or told someone is out of socks or underwear.  I have many moments where I feel like I'm not alive, where I am just going through the motions.  Doing all I do for all I love.  Or not doing because I'm just tired or sick of it...

Hold up!  Before you stop reading and assume I'm the biggest whiner you've met, understand this:  I am just as under appreciating as the rest of my family is.  I don't spend my days thanking them for all they are & do.  I don't tell my husband 'thanks for going to work to support us', I don't thank my five year old for getting to bed nicely, I don't thank my teens for being strong under peer pressure.  I surely don't thank my 3 year old when he plays quietly so I can read or concentrate on journaling a layout.  We all have our moments were we take for granted and are taken for granted.  But we have our moments where we appreciate each other.. and it's in those moments I feel alive.  When someone recognizes that I got up early and headed to the store to get a newly released video game that they wanted.  Or when a favorite friend tells me I'm doing a great job helping her with a site.  When someone gives me a nod and tells me that I'm a good mom, or doing a good job at life. That's when I feel alive.  It isn't profound, it isn't one moment but it is something for which I'm thankful.


Katrina Kennedy December 04, 2010  


You brought tears to my eyes this morning.

Heart felt and true. Thank you. I appreciate you and everything you do.

Tami December 04, 2010  

thanks.. I feel the same about you. It is amazing how much the internet can change ones life just by the people you meet. I will always be your biggest fan.

Brad December 04, 2010  

That was great; truly heartfelt. Hit home for me as my post today turned out to be about taking things for granted as well although I didn't even realize it until I was almost done typing. Reverb10 has been great in that it has introduced me to new people, new thoughts and in some senses, myself.

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