I hope you dance....

>> Dec 4, 2010

or at least have that song stuck in your head.  When I read the reverb prompt today:

Author: Jeff Davis
The Journey from the Center to the Page

Prompt: Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?
I started thinking of the lyrics "I hope you never lose your sense of wonder..." the song was actually written by Mark D Sanders and I have to say he's not my favorite person... I don't particularly care for the song so getting it stuck in my head makes me grumble, but at the same time makes me respect the writer that much more that he can get something I don't like stuck in my head.  

(Decided to reformat my December Daily images)
Anyway, on to the question.. I actually made a pretty concerted effort to do exactly this in 2010.  I opted to take advantage of the newness of where I live.  I explored, geocaching, acted like a tourist, went for drives and just *did* .. I also have a son who started Kindergarten this year so that made a huge impact on seeing the world through wondrous eyes.  Add to that a three year old who is becoming a sponge and asking all kinds of questions about the world he lives in, I'd say I'm at a surplus in the wonder department.  I intend on keeping my eyes, ears and mind open into the new year and cultivating some more.  


Celia December 06, 2010  

Your life is a wonder Tami. Hope you find a ay to blog for Sunday.

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