30 Days of Thanks..

>> Nov 1, 2010

Day 1 - So my friend Jill posted a "thanks" on facebook and I googled 30 Days of Thanks and found a site for it.. (there's a site for everything isn't there?)  So I thought "I'm in!" and here I begin...

Today I am thankful for having met Katrina Kennedy.  I have an awesome Nikon D60 and thanks to her I'm slowly building my confidence in using it in manual modes.  I have had this camera since shortly after Keagan was born and always took photos on Auto.  While they were superior to any other camera I've ever had, I knew the camera was capable of better.  (Especially when I got my 50mm lens)

So that's my thanks for Day 1.. the fact that I can say this photo was straight out of the camera.


Katrina Kennedy November 02, 2010  

Ok...you made me cry :)

Thank you. This IS THE REASON I do what I do!

Tami November 02, 2010  

So glad you do what you do {hugs}

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