Cindy Lou...

>> Nov 2, 2010

So I don't have an image readily available.. I could steal hers from facebook but it would only be for kicks since we were talking about how easy it is to steal people's photos.  So here's a photo of a flower from her home that I took when visiting eons ago.

I just think everyone should have a friendship that is a rock to them.  Cindy & Terri are two of my oldest friends (meaning how long I've known them not their age) and we go through spurts where life gets busy and we don't chat daily, then we chat then we get busy.  We rarely talk on the phone our relationship is of the internet variety. So to have her give me a buzz on her way home from work to tell me she loves my photos and talk camera & photo talk for a few minutes really made my day.  I love hearing her voice and that midwest accent.  :)

On day 2 of my 30daysofthanks I am thankful for my gal pal Cindy.


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