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>> Apr 7, 2010

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DSC_0358I don’t know why Zach would have allergy issues.  It’s not like I let him openly play with germy things… oh uhm.. kidding.  Those are clean they still have the tags on them.  But Zach hasn’t escaped his family heritage.  He has dad’s sinuses, mom’s early onset of allergies.  I actually remember taking allergy medicine when I was 4.  I thought they tasted really good because they were coated (like the old advil pills were) and I would suck the coating off before swallowing them.  Weird I know. 

Tomorrow fresh and early Zach will be having a cat scan to make sure all his faculties are in their proper places.  Wish us luck.  I’m not sure how they expect a four year old to stay still for a cat scan..


scrapweaver April 10, 2010  

Hope the Kindergarten portion of the day turned out as well as the CAT scan sounded like it went. Tough stuff for a little guy. Allergys are raging here as well!

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