Sometimes a comb isn't just a comb...

>> May 18, 2010

I almost burned down my house today. The GFI in the master bedroom got tripped for whatever reason sometimes yesterday/last night. I went to dry my hair this afternoon and no electricity. To reset the GFI you have to push the reset button in the bathroom downstairs. I just gave up on dry hair and went down to get ready for soccer practice. So I wouldn't forget later, on my way out the door I pushed reset.

I came home to the most horrid smell... the hair dryer was on the entire time I was gone... sitting next to a comb. The comb is half melted and the house smells like burnt plastic.

I'm thankful nothing more horrible happened than a ruined comb, honestly I am. But the comb was special. When my mom died it was the first thing of hers I claimed. I don't know why. It's just a comb, but for some reason I just liked having that comb.


Sian May 19, 2010  

I'm sorry about the comb; but I'm glad you are all safe Tami. It could have been a lot worse

Terry May 19, 2010  

sorry about the comb but you are lucky the house didn't burn down!

Anonymous,  May 21, 2010  

That must of scared you! im sorry that happened. oh and this is Erin.

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