Great Ad-spirations....

>> Mar 4, 2010

ok maybe not my most witty title but feeling silly.

Paula's blog challenge for today was to find an ad that inspired. Now I think she's an ad junkie.. but at the same time; she's definitely onto something amazingly simple. If you think about ads, you realize that companies are paid big bucks to create these campaigns that catch the eye, relay a message and get their name noticed with a single image. So why not use them to make your pages catch the eye, relay your message and get your layout noticed!

Check out Paula's blog.. she happens to have an amazing ad that I'm going to definitely use as inspiration.

And here's the ad I found that I will be putting in my inspiration file.

My first thought with this ad, is to use it for one of my kids and clip a bunch of face shots of them through the years just to show how they have grown. Maybe the journaling could be a list of milestones through their life?


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