Who you callin' whacky?

>> Mar 3, 2010

So I'd say that I not only have a whacky side, I surround myself by whacky people. I love humor. My kids would probably be most shocked since they think Mom doesn't have a sense of humor... ;)

Growing up I was the gal that was always telling stories and making jokes.. I still am. I have a close dear friend who started jokingly numbering my stories. I'd start to tell a story and she'd chime in "ooh tami story number 1328 - the time I ran into a picker bush" ... hey, if it's a good story why not tell it a few times ;)

I also have a sarcastic sense of humor and can fake seriousness. It gave me a reputation at a previous employer once. I was bored at work and two co-workers were going on about something or other. One coworker was wearing a political shirt, one for Prisoners of War - Missing In Action.. and so I jokingly said "Who's Pow Mia?" (As if it was a name)

I knew what his shirt meant, and was just being silly and jokingly "ditzy" but apparently I pulled it off so well I earned a reputation for being .. well frankly an idiot. Oh well, it was funny to me and probably became funnier because they most likely still think I'm an idiot who doesn't know what POW MIA stands for...


MaryC March 03, 2010  

Well, IMHO any moron who thought you were serious needs a reality check. What else did you do to make them think you were less than intelligent?
You are a crack up.

Celia March 07, 2010  

As we say in Australia... you really are a dag Tami! Love your humour. Don't stop!

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