I think it's genius.. cook your way through a cookbook..

>> Dec 15, 2009

I watched Julie & Julia today and while I thought the movie was ok (frankly I was fascinated by Julia's story more than anything) I love Julie's idea to cook her way through Julia's cookbook.. (side note Jane Lynch was fantastic LOL I love glee and have always been a huge fan of Jane Lynch and love when she sneaks on a show I'm watching :).. ) anyway.. I'm seriously thinking of doing this it just sounds like such a fun thing to do!

anyone want to join me? we can find a book and do it together?


Ms.Cooker January 10, 2010  

That is a great idea i actually am doin the same thing and am doing my first recipe today because were having a football party and i thought it would be a good time. The cookbook i am using is the weight watchers cookbook (all good for you) and today i am doing- Classic deviled eggs-THE ONE IN THIS BOOK IS SPICY.(sorry for the caps). Check out my blog at- cookinfool2010.blogspot.com -good luck

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