That's how you know he loves you...

>> Dec 9, 2009

Long after the steamy chemistry of first kisses and shared glances; after the constant I love you's and talking on the phone or into the wee hours of the night, a relationship settles. Blame the kids, blame your job, blame wherever you want but the truth of the matter is things settle. It doesn't mean it's a bad thing it only means it's different. Yes it can still have sparks of those first days and you can still tingle when he brushes your hand a certain way.. but the I love you's change. For todays blog challenge at Get It Scrapped I wanted to challenge everyone to share how you know someone loves you long after things have settled. It doesn't have to be a significant other, it can be anyone a parent, sibling, child, anyone. Because sometimes it's these little things that get forgotten when you start thinking about how a relationship isn't.. it's these little things that make the relationship what it IS.

So, for my sharing.. I'll share about my DH (dear husband) for now.. Tony is not a sentimental or overly affectionate person by nature. He's the husband that is more likely to slap you on the butt when you walk by than to caress your hair. You get used to it. But there is something he does that speaks volumes about how he feels and it may seem silly and ridiculous but it's the one thing that no matter what I know it's 100% for me and nothing in it for him. He will run out to get me a Pepsi 9 times out of 10.. yes there is the occasional time he doesn't because of the weather, because it's literally 1am etc. but most of the time.. he will run and grab me one. Sometimes without me asking. I recall a recent occasion that someone drank the last Pepsi.. one of those aliens that live in this house and refuse to acknowledge the social norms that you don't drink mom's last pop. I had just made a bag of popcorn and found the empty box in the fridge.. I griped "stop drinking the last pepsi!" and crabbily grabbed a glass to make water. Tony headed to the garage, he has a great Mustang he's fond of visiting and tinkering on.. so I thought nothing of it.. and 10 minutes later he walks in the front door with a bottle of pepsi.. (and a small pack of chocolates) ..

It's these moments that mean something to me. I honestly can't think of a moment that he's said I love you, as it's said so often it's nearly routine.. but I can remember many times like the one above and that is how I know.


MaryC December 09, 2009  

That's love...running out for Pepsi. I am a diet coke person myself. But I don't think the RGH would run out to get me a diet coke unless I promised him something, like making an apple pie.
You thought something else, didn't you?

scrapweaver December 09, 2009  

Yeah for the knights in shining mustangs!

askings December 13, 2009  

my dh shows his love with Diet Cokes and Almond Joys!

Chris aka Scrappylassie December 14, 2009  

Mary C-My husband would can make me an apple pie after the thing we were all thinking!!!
Cute're right, we forget that we would never survive if we stayed in that "crush" phase...Will have to write about this. Good challenge..Thanks, Tami.

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