oh the places I go!

>> Oct 12, 2009

I though I'd share my homes away from home..

Each day I check my boards.. I always start with Get It Scrapped. I love the new look Debbie has installed and love the View New Content.. :) I am a board cheater.. I click that and read all the happenings going on in my scrappy home. I feel so lucky to have this group of ladies in my life. My favorite is going through the galleries and seeing everyone's work and seeing the influences of the classes in their work over time.

I then head over to Willow Traders to see what is going on there (again another scrappy home). I honestly check the TV threads there first (hehe) I am a TV junkie and love that my scrap buddies watch a lot of the same TV I do. I also like seeing the kits and coveting all the goodies and the general jesting that goes on with the ladies.

On to facebook.... i'm a Mafia Wars and Combine junkie. Combine is a ball dropping game kind of a tetris hybrid.. I am trying to make the high score list of all-time.. I'm aways away but I am trying hehe.. I also like reading updates from my friends. I think it's cool to see what my friends from years past are up to each day.

Now onto my physical roaming.. more days than not I head to Taco Bell for lunch (this explains my gym membership) .. I'm also a creature of habit.. a #4 with a pepsi and 2 cheese roll ups.. Keagan eats some of the pizza, Zach the cheese roll-ups and then some pizza and I have the two crunchy tacos.. I never finish the Pepsi :)

I also head to Target too often to pick up diapers or any other small insignificant thing needed for our house. Target is at the end of our street so it's *too* convenient.. I also like checking the clearance rack and have gotten a lot of kids T-shirts for $1 and you can't beat that!

I then head home most of the time for the evening .. Keagan settles for a nap then the school boys return.. I get started on dinner and thus the evening of eating, tv, bedtime routines and such begins.. (with frequent rechecks of my online sites ;) )

Where does your day take you?


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