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>> Oct 11, 2009

We are slowly crossing the line between being impatient and not wanting to wait to get into our new house and the point where you realize the time is going to fly and you aren't ready because there is so much to do...

We had the house inspection yesterday, it was nice to get in there and measure to realize the items you own will fit. Although our new house is 2x the size so it should fit, there are issues of making sure TV's fit in the recesses of the wall built to hold TV's. As you can see here (the TV spot in the wall is just off the right of this photo but you get the idea:

A few things were found out they were somewhat minor like a few chips in paint and a broken knob, etc. Overall the home owner said the home was in remarkable condition. The biggest disappointment is that the oven does not work. Tony thought all the appliances were new when we first looked at the home but after getting a closer look that is not the case. It's ok though we didn't buy the house for the appliances. However, the oven not working is a bummer because it's a wall oven and thus costly. The same model at lowes is $1200. So that needs to be addressed. I can not wait to have my own scrap room.. it's the main thought that keeps me from losing my mind these days. I have my own scrap area now but then it becomes over run by bills and papers from other areas of our home. My scrap area is that area that is home to whatever doesn't have a home. I often go in to sit down at my desk to find sports illustrated and cigar afficiando sitting there waiting for me to read them.. (because I'm so into sports & cigars) It will be fantastic to have these things dumped somewhere else and my room is off the main walkways enough it would take effort to go dump them on my desk, and that means it's less likely to happen :) he he

So here's a shot of our backyard..

A few shout outs:

Angela: thanks so much for being my measuring buddy! I appreciated the company and ideas. I wish Keagan had been a little happier .. good grief he was the worlds crabbiest baby

Michelle: thank you for the daily emails, you have no idea the difference they make to me

Mr. Taylor: Good for you for making contact and I can't wait to hear about it! See you SOON!!


MaryC October 11, 2009  

WooHoo! I am so happy for you.
Is it close to me? Does the pool have a spa? If not, ours is going to have one.You can spa over here. Should be done in a week or so.
Do you need any help? Moving is such a pain.

scrapweaver October 11, 2009  

Beautiful Tami! Just stunning!

Celia October 11, 2009  

Tami the house looks splendid- fantastic that you have managed to find a place for the family. Love the pool!

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