a hole is a beautiful thing..

>> Oct 4, 2009

Last year I wanted a cool belt.. a ed hardy belt. I like the graphic tattoo feel of his designs. They are always in great bright colors and just scream an appreciation for color and fun :) So I asked DH who got me a cool pink one last christmas, way too small. By way to small, I mean the ends *just* met.. (when I sucked in and still squished my blubber around) and today I can buckle it on the first hole. :)


Neala n Dave October 04, 2009  

Congrats! What an accomplishment!

Linda October 06, 2009  

That is so Super Tami, Congratulations!! What is your secret??

scrapweaver October 09, 2009  

Congrats Girl, the holes are just lining up these days! Yo so deserve it! I'll pray they just keep coming!

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