>> Oct 2, 2009

I have no idea what to think or say but our offer was accepted and we could be in the new place as early as the middle of November! There is one little curveball but it should be minor and not affect things too much because we can't close until after the 28th of the month. Reason: the current sellers have flipped the house and because of this the home has to stay in their name for 90days which is up on the 28th.. which is good for us because it's all new carpet, painting and even new appliances so yeah for us!

I'm so excited and just trying to keep my feet on the ground ;)
I'd like to go spend every red cent I have on new stuff LOL


Anonymous,  October 08, 2009  

CONGRATS ;) This is great news also I have made contact with Shelley Taylor After almost 20 yrs. more later , I am a GGF 3 times. "Ole Twoshot"

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