>> Sep 25, 2009

I did a spin class yesterday and yesterday felt fine (aside from some tushy bruising because the seat was so hard) but today.. ouch. My back hurts.

Life has been crazy here since August and hasn't really let up. We are still house hunting which I hate doing. I'm still waiting for the back to school routine. Isn't that the great part of the fall? Getting back into a routine after the summer.

So today we put in two offers hoping one gets accepted. If you send some positive thoughts our way it'd be most appreciated.

A big "HI!!" to my father in law in China. You are very missed and have a little buddy that asks everyday where Pop Pop is.


Linda September 26, 2009  

Lots of good vibes coming your way Tami. I sure hope one of the house deals comes through and you are done with the search. I will be waiting to hear.

Celia September 28, 2009  

Good vibrations... hoping you're picking them up.

Twoshot,  October 06, 2009  

pls tell my "lil Buddy", I'll be back next week and we will go hiking @ Red Rock Canyon. Yes all my hopes are with youall on this adventure in the Nv. House mkt. Best of Luck 88's all the way, Budda is watching. Cdub Out

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