turtle in a nutshell

>> Sep 28, 2009

It's been crazy this fall and I still feel like I'm falling. I'm anxious to get my feet on some solid ground but I'm thinking it's a ridiculous hope and one that only has a chance some months away.

As many have heard me moan we are house hunting.. and well I'm feeling overwhelmed, confused and just flat out scared to make a decision. I also have a lot of other things going on at the same time that I just can feel that proverbial wall building around me. I am a cancer after all so it's not hard to imagine one hiding behind the shell, fragile as it is.

I have little to no point but than to let everyone know I'm OK, really I am. I just am at that point where I'm stepping back and taking a good look at what I've got going on and decide what's important and needs attention and what's drama and needs to get booted. Somewhere in there I need to also take a look at a house which I can't decide if it needs attention or if it's just drama. Seriously, if you are going to sell a house list it for what you want. I'm so tired of the listings that are low to get people to come look at the house and then we make an offer significantly over asking and get turned down because someone else made an offer $15k over our offer... ooh and then the market forcasts say most houses are to drop another 3-4% in price over the next month so do we gamble to get a lower price but maybe not the house we love...

do they even make calgon anymore????


scrapweaver September 28, 2009  

Glad to hear you are OK. Frantic but OK.

Neala n Dave September 29, 2009  

I bought my house in a time of a lot of bidding wars. Everyone put in offers over the price and had escalation clauses. What a madhouse. The stress was astronomical. You have my sympathy through all of this. Just don't go too high. Let another person get a house that is overpriced....not you.

Tami September 29, 2009  

Thanks we have been outbid every time.. we'll probably be outbid on this last one too but at least we don't HAVE to have a house we have a roof so it's not like we are doing this to get out of a bad situation or living with someone etc. so that's good.. :)

Anonymous,  September 29, 2009  

Tami ;) Calgon is made and shipped in small med. & large bottles,5 gal.jugs & buckets %% gal. drums. depending on your use requirements love ya PopPop

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