The Bad News first...

>> Sep 15, 2009

August & September are always crazy months for me. Between back to school, Austin coming back from Florida (which requires getting him back into our lifestyle routines) and just a general chaos of appointments and getting things done before the school days start up I often feel overwhelmed.

This year was an exception, it was even more chaotic. We added house-hunting and moving Amanda back home to that mix. Then I added the kit club, teaching a class at GIS and a trip to Utah. All of these things are GOOD things, but still can make one feel like they aren't sure which way to run. Personally, I prefer digging holes and hiding as opposed to running but that didn't seem to work either ;)

The bad news is, Amanda has made a decision to return to Florida. She misses her friends too much. I think it's a horrible mistake and really wish she'd stay here long enough to take care of herself to the point she can be independent and successful in her own right. Alas, she is an adult and has to make these decisions. So thursday begins the endless worrying about how she's really doing in Florida and not knowing if she's taking care of herself like eating right, and all the other mom worries that these kids bring. So if you can send some positive vibes out into the world directed to her I would appreciate it.

The good news is, honestly I don't have good news. I thought maybe the hope there was good news would make reading the bad news not seem so bad. LOL


scrapweaver September 17, 2009  

Oh Tami sorry. Anything I can do? Any help I can give? You know I would help out anyway I can. And the prayers are on there way. Amanda is on my list now too. You do so much for others with all you do at GIS and with your kit and that amazing crazy family of yours. Lean if you need too! Sending love your way too!

Gladie September 20, 2009  

Tami, I'm sorry to hear about the chaos in your life, hope you'll get through it and find light in the end of the tunnel. There always is, you know. Sending positive vibes your way! I'm so happy you visited my blog, thank you! :) I would have been to GIS to say thank you for the RAK but somehow I'm not able to log in there anymore (access forbidden). So thanks you, I really love the stamps and the cool embellies :) Hugs, Irene

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