Wacky Torm.. er I mean Wednesday :)

>> Aug 19, 2009

Another bloggin' day.. here's my post of sharing for Wednesday

1. First three stops when you turn the computer on in the morning
Get It Scrapped, Willow Traders then Facebook (friend me!)

2. Your child's favorite site/s
Facebook, a kids site I can't think of the name of (great mom) and youtube

3. favorite site/s for news
abcnews, hamsterwatch (pure big brother site) and futoncritic :) (tv junkie)

4. favorite online gallery/ies
Get It Scrapped, Bad Girls Kits,

5. favorite blog/s
too many I have links to the right.. I jsut visit the most recent updates (I don't comment everytime but I read)

6. favorite place/s for inspiration
bad girls kits, magazines and some manufacturers sites

7. favorite teaching site (heee)
gee.. GIS?

8. favorite place for online entertainment/ie: hulu, favorite youtube channel, etc
network stations I like catching up on tv shows or netflix is cool too

9. favorite online shops

10. if you have a hobby (hello - we're here, right?) share your favorite sites for that - ie: photography, stamping, scrapbooking, quilting, gardening, etc....
they were covered above.. tv & scrapbooking

what about you?


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