monday .. a list of "isms"

>> Aug 16, 2009

Michelle's monday list prompt this week is a list of "isms" from our family.. so here are some things we say around our house that make us.. well us.

1. re-donk-ulous: from Disney's Bolt. It just caught on.. we are infamous for movie lines.. so prepare yourself they will be most of this list.

2. I want some meats: from Lord of the Rings II .. said when you're hungry LOL

3. Taters precious: LOTR again.. smeigel says it.. we say it just about any time some says potatoes

4. that's got flavor!: ironically this means it's bad.. Zach started it when he ate something he didn't like and said "that's got flavor" with his nose turned up like someone fed him asphalt

I wont list the other millions of movie lines from LOTR, Wedding Crashers or Napoleon Dynamite that are a regular part of our vocabulary. Just realize if you are in a conversation with us to know your movies ;)


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