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>> Aug 16, 2009

good grief.. it's been a whirlwind couple weeks. Between CKU and Amanda moving back in.. now Zach's birthday party is this weekend, a new kit was released saturday and it's back to school next monday.. wowza. I often find this is the worst time for me to forget ME so to speak. I forget all the tweezing, dying and personal grooming.. and I forget my crafting. It's not a good thing because when I don't do these things it feeds into my mood like a viscious circle.

But I'm trying to do some things I enjoy. Amanda and I watched the entire first and up to the last shown episode of True Blood. It was a few LATE nights but it was so fun.

So this week I will be cleaning, doing laundry so everyone has clean clothes for school, order a bouncy house for an excited four yr old and take a few trips to dentists and doctors.. but among all of this I will be scrapping and getting my hair done. Maybe something wild, like pink!


askings August 17, 2009  

I had pink hair once...not on purpose...but it grew on me and I was sad when it finally went away! Wow your day to day really blows my I know why I can't get anything done...because I really don;t have a lot going on that I HAVE to do to keep me motivated with everything else! I think oh I have all day (on my days off)and then I don't get anything done all day long...ooops! Oh and I hear you about the grooming...if I tweeze once a month I feel like an overachiever!

TraceyR August 18, 2009  

Are you going to choose pink because you have some matching scrapbook paper you're dying to use (no pun intended heehee)!!!

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