10 {rAnDOm] things about me...

>> Aug 21, 2009

So the blog challenge series is moving along well and today Jane brought us a great fun topic: List 10 things about yourself.

Here I go.

1. I love planning and hostessing parties. I love the whole process, creating a menu, theme, shopping for items, sending invitations. I realized a while ago it is pointless for much of DH's family as a few members have limited things they eat and perhaps they don't appreciate the handmade decorations like fellow crafters would.. but about a year ago I realized I don't care so I am slowly getting back to my over the top theme ideas and elaborate menus. I just make less of the stuff I know only a few are adventurous enough to eat :)

2. I am no where near the mom I wish I was.

3. I still have the hots for, am in love with and routinely get annoyed by my husband, even aAfter 8.5 yrs .

4. I annoy my husband more than he'll admit. (smart man)

5. I love doritos dipped in mashed up avocados with a pepsi to wash it down.

6. I wish I could sing and dance well.

7. I have a tattoo on my thigh and have been wanting to get another for sometime but don't know what or where.

8. I miss working but no longer enough to want to go back.

9. I get set off fastest when my kids mouth back anything when I tell them to do something. Just shut up and do what I said.

10. I would rather be playing a game of monopoly with the whole family on family game night than most any other thing in the world.


~ Jane ~ August 21, 2009  

You're my kind of Gal, Tami. But I bet you are a far better mother than you give yourself credit for - kids don't come with direction manuals even though Dr Phil and others make kzillions out of making us think they do - all you can do is your best.

mollie August 21, 2009  

Yum ... I will have to try the avocado/doritos thing ... but with a diet Coke to wash mine down. I too would love to sing and I've always wanted to be a tap dancer ... click.click.tap.tap.tap!

And, like Jane I will just bet that you are a terrific mother to your kids. :)

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